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About the Conservatory....

Liberty Hyde Bailey's vision of incorporating living plant collections into the teaching of botany is represented in part by the L.H. Bailey Conservatory. The Conservatory is part of the Plant Science Greenhouse Range that is located on Tower Road adjacent to the Plant Science Building and the Minn's Garden. The Conservatory is a curved eave, compression truss, iron frame greenhouse built by the Lord and Burnham Co. in 1930-1931, following the completion of the Plant Science Building. It is a 50'x 100' greenhouse divided into two sections: The Palm House and the Ornamental House. 
Dioon spinulosa


(photo courtesy of Matt Kemen)
The Palm House is the southern most greenhouse section. The collections in this section include palms, cycads, ferns, bromeliads, legumes and various aroids. The Palm Collection is a representation of research begun by Bailey and continued by Dr. Harold E. Moore and Dr. Natalie Uhl, which culminated in the publishing of "Genera Palmarum." A bedded area planted with palms, banana, cocoa, legumes, black pepper and Annona sp. adds to the Tropical atmosphere of this section. 

The Ornamental Section houses a variety of collections. Cacti 
are found next to gesneriads and orchids. Other collections include Peperomia, Begonia, Euphorbia, grasses, plus a wide array of temperate ornamentals. Plants are used for research, teaching and extension. There are 117 Families and over 550 species in the conservatory. 


Freycinetia multiflora


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Photographs courtesy of the Cayuga Nature Photographers
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