2010 Field Work

From November 24 to December 3, 2010, Dr. María Gandolfo and Dr. Elizabeth Hermsen visited Cretaceous and Paleogene fossil localities in Chubut Province, Argentina, along with staff of the Museum Paleontológico Edigio Feruglio Dr. Rubén Cúneo (Principal Investigator), Dr. Marcelo Krause, and Mr. Pablo Puerta; student Ms. Julieta Gallego; and Dr. Ari Iglesias (Principal Investigator) of the Universidad de la Plata. Links for each locality will take you to a page with more information about that flora. This field research was funded by NSF Grant DEB-0919071.

La Colonia, 24-26 November

On the Road from La Colonia to Paso de Sapo, 27 November

Lefipán, 28-29 November, 2 December

Laguna del Hunco, 29-30 November

Other Localities, 1 December

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Photo credits:
Images 1,3,5-11,13-15,20,21,25-28 of "La Colonia"; 1,3,7-9,13-16,19 of "On the road"; 3-5,8-11 of "Lefipan"; 1-4,7,9-14 of "Laguna del Hunco"; and 2-5 of "Other localities"- A. Iglesias. Images 4,12,22 of "La Colonia"; 13,14 of "Lefipan"; and 6,15 of "Laguna del Hunco"- M. A. Gandolfo. Images 2,16-19,23,24 of "La Colonia"; 2,4-6,10-12,17,18 of "On the road"; 1,2,6,7, of "Lefipan"; 5,8,16-19 of "Laguna del Hunco"; and 1 of "Other localities"- E. J. Hermsen.