The Plant Ontology Consortium is pleased to announce that the latest release of the Plant Ontology is now available on our AmiGO Browser (http://www.plantontology.org/).

This release features a number of exciting additions. In collaboration with MaizeGDB, we have added approximately 1.5 million new associations between /Zea mays/ gene models and Plant Ontology terms. These associations are based on a large NimbleGen microarray data set profiling transcription patterns in 60 tissues of the inbred line B73 (Sekhon, et al, Plant Journal, 2011). More information on the data set can be found on the MaizeGDB website: http://www.maizegdb.org/cgi-bin/displayrefrecord.cgi?id=9021423
This release also features the addition of *Spanish and Japanese translations of the term names:

Sinónimos en Español ya están disponibles en la Ontología de Anatomía Vegetal*

Nos complace anunciar la incorporación de sinónimos en Español para todos los términos del área de Anatomía Vegetal en la Ontología de Plantas. Estos sinónimos están disponibles en nuestro navegador en vivo o pueden ser descargardos (http://plantontology.org), comenzando con el lanzamiento de la versión 16, a partir de octubre del 2011.


 植物オントロジーの1つである「形態オントロジー」のすべての用語に日本語の シノニムを加えましたので、皆さまにご案内いたします。これらのシノニムはこ ちら(http://plantontology.org/download/download.html)からダウンロード することができます。サービ スは2011年10月のリリース16から開始いたしま す。

Note that the Japanese synonyms are not displayed on the browser at http://www.plantontology.org, for compatibility reasons, but are in the OBO and OWL versions of the ontology file.

In addition, terms with Zea or Poaceae in the name were renamed or merged with other terms, and several new terms were added to describe plant structures found in legumes.

You can download the ontology files in OBO-Edit or OWL formats from:

There is a readme.txt file on the same page explaining what is different among the files available.

For more information and to view a summary of the latest changes, please visit:
Further information on the release can be obtained from: