In 1994 and 1995 Dr. Harlan P. Banks donated his extensive palaeobotanical library to the Liberty Hyde Bailey Hortorium. This is a remarkable collection in several ways. 30 shelf-feet of reprints focus mainly on Devonian plants, and there is a good number of translations which he commissioned over the years, mostly of Russian and German papers. The approximately 450 books on fossil plants and related geological subjects make up the other large part of the collection, many quite rare, many dating back to the 19th Century, and many now available at Cornell University for the first time. Additionally the gift included several long runs of palaeobotanical and geological journals, which would be otherwise nearly impossible to purchase at any price.


Books donated by Dr. Banks may be identified by a special bookplate designed in his honor.

The extensive list of books donated by Dr. Banks.

Special Note: Dr. Harlan Bank's extensive reprint collection is housed in the Paleobotany Lab. These important references are avalible for use by lab members and visitors.