Class Code Title Credits Taught Description
EAS 1109 Dinosaurs 1 Fall An introductory survey course on dinosaurs.
EAS 1190 Fossil Preparation 1 Fall A laboratory-oriented course that exposes students to techniques of fossil preparation.
ANTHR 1300 Human Evolution: Genes, Behavior, and the Fossil Record 3 Spring This course investigates the roots of human biology and behavior with an evolutionary framework.
BIOG 1700 (EAS 1700) Evolution of the Earth and Life 3 Spring Earth systems and their evolution, plate tectonics, coevolution of life and the atmosphere, dinosaurs, mass extinction, human ancestry.
BIOEE 1780 (BIOG 1780) Evolutionary Biology and Diversity 3 Spring, Fall Explanations for patterns of diversity and for the apparent "good fit" of organisms to the environment.
ANTHR 2200 (ARKEO 2200) Early People: The Archaeological and Fossil Record 3 Spring A survey of the archaeological and fossil record of human evolution.
EAS 3010 Evolution of the Earth System 4 Fall Co-evolution of life and the Earth system.
BIOPL 4480 Plant Evolution and the Fossil Record 3 Spring An introduction to evolution, surveying major changes in plants from the origin of life to the present.
BIOEE 4640 Macroevolution 4 Spring An advanced course in evolutionary biology centered on large-sale features of evolution.
BIOEE 4790 (EAS 4790) Paleobiology 4 Spring A survey of the major groups of organisms and their evolutionary histories
BIOPL 6560 Topics in Plant Evolution 1 Spring A series of selected topics to provide a background in plant evolution, paleobotanical literature, and evolutionary theory.