Crepet, W. L. and D. W. Taylor. 1986. Primitive mimosoid flowers from the Paleocene-Eocene and their systematic and evoutionary implications. American Journal oof Botany 73 (4): 548-563.

Abstract: Compressed mimosoid inflorescences from a Paleocene-Eocene boundary locality in western Tennessee are the earliest fossil evidence of the subfamily. The discovery confirms the antiquity of a suite of characters that has been considered primitive based on the comparitive morphology of modern mimosoids. The fosssil characters are also consistent with the suggested close relation ship (ancestral or sister group) between the subfamily Mimosoideae and the Dimorphandra group of the tribe Caesalpinieae (subfamily Caesalpinioideae). These flowers show little change in morphology or size in the basal to Upper Eocene interval.


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Protomimosoidea buchananensis
Actual width in ( ) unless otherwise noted.

Flower with expanded
(length= 1 cm)
(length= 9 mm)
(image= 3 mm)
Pollen grain
(14 ┬Ám)