Lubkin, S. H. 2003. Paracupes svitkoi (Coleoptera: Cupedidae), A new species from the Cretaceous of New Jersey. Acta Zoologica Cracoviensia 46 (suppl. Fossil Insects): 189-194. (Proceedings of the Second International Paleoentomological Congress).

Abstract: Paracupes svitkoi is a new species based on a single specimen from the Raritan Formation of the Cretaceous of New Jersey. The fossil, a well-preserved, charcoalified head, is the first fossil member of the genus Paracupes Kolbe, 1898. It is very similar to the modern species in the genus.


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Paracupes svitkoi
Actual width in ( ) unless otherwise noted.

Dorsal view
(length= 1.15 mm)
Anterior view
(1.35 mm)
Fragment of a fusainized elytron
(length= 1.7 mm)
Detail showing the scales and punctures
that are characteristic of Cupedoid elytra
(image width= 300 ┬Ám)