Students interested in working in The Paleobotany Lab as an independent study, will learn about life in research. The students prepare samples for processing, sift through bulk fossil samples for new specimens, and learn how to mount fossils on SEM stubs. Although not all students who have worked in the lab have had backgrounds in botany, it is helpful. Those students with a sufficient knowledge of botany, may be given the opportunity to co-author a paper with either Dr. William Crepet or Dr. Kevin Nixon. Publication of research efforts and data provide students with a valuable experience in the field of paleobotany.

Former students

Audrey Friedrichsen: 1992?-1995, Biological Sciences
Andrea Weeks: 1995-1997, Biological Sciences (plant sciences)
Roman Koshykar: Spring 1998, Biological Sciences
Patricia Butrymowicz: 1997-1999, Pre-Med/History
Ann Campbell: 1999-2000, Biological Sciences (systematics & biotic diversity)