Willard W. Rowlee

(1861 - 1923)

Willard Winfield Rowlee was a taxonomist and dendrologist as well as a dedicated teacher.

Willard W. Rowlee was born on December 15, 1861 in Fulton, New York.  He attended Cornell University, graduating in 1888.   He received his doctoral degree in 1893 also from Cornell University.   From 1889 until 1893, Rowlee held a position of instructor of botany at Cornell.  He was assistant professor of botany from 1893-1906 and professor of botany from 1906 until his death in August 1923.

Rowlee developed an interest in North American willows.  His Salix types are housed at the BH Herbarium.  He also studied comparative anatomy of woods.   He was given the task to investigate the possibilities of using balsa wood for airplanes during World War I.

In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Rowlee was also the superintendent of University grounds from 1895 through 1923.  He was not only on many University committees, but also a member of several scientific organizations including the Botanical Society of America.


For further information please see:

Obituary.  1923.  Willard W. Rowlee '88, Cornell Alumni News  vol. 25, pp. 506.

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