Mounting the specimens on paper


A set of outside covers, paper or cardboard sheets for mounting each tree sample, corrugated cardboard, magic tape or thin strips of bond paper, a small bottle of white glue, a small jar of white shellac, and some letter envelopes are used in mounting specimens. All of the items on this list may not be required, depending upon the specimens collected and the method of mounting.

If you obtain your own mounting sheets, use heavy buff or white paper or cardboard, punched to fit the covers. Plain writing paper will wrinkle and warp too greatly for good appearance.

Cut the corrugated cardboard into strips 1 inch wide and 10 1/2 inches long to create "fillers" to be punched and placed between the mounting sheets to make the book level. For large fruits, such as pine cones and nuts, two or three fillers may be needed to bring the sheets even.

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