Making A Tree Collection

This bulletin, as originally published, was designed for use by participants in 4-H forestry projects.  The following sections are directed specifically for 4-H projects and contests.  These sections, however, do have broader applications for those with a general interest in the study of forestry or botany.

The main requirement of the forest appreciation project is to make a collection of (1) the leaves and (2) the winter twig with the buds of each of at least 15 forest trees.  This collection is the check on whether or not a club member has learned to identify his or her tree neighbors.  Such collections may be used also for exhibit material at school and county fairs, and in nature study programs.  Fruits are not required to complete this project, but add to the interest of the collection.

Collecting the specimens for mounting

Preparing the specimens for mounting

Mounting the specimens on paper

Names and uses of trees

Method of mounting

Finishing the collection book




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