Names and uses of trees

Each sheet is to bear the specimens from one tree only.  Each specimen should be labeled.  In the lower righthand corner of the sheet (or on a separate piece of paper that is then glued in the lower righthand corner), write the scientific name of the plant.   Write a sentence or two describing that habitat and associated species.  Write the exact location of the plant:  state, county, township, road or roads, mileage from a city or intersection.

The uses of the tree may be listed. Some trees such as thornapple and pin cherry have no commercial uses but may furnish cover and food for game, serve as erosion control, or function as a "nurse crop" to prepare a good seedbed for the more valuable trees.  Write the name of the collector (in most cases, this is you) or collectors, assign a number to the collection and write the date of the collection. 

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