Undergraduate Student Research Opportunities

Students wishing to do a Senior Thesis with Dr. Gandolfo contact her at: mag4@cornell.edu.

Below are recent graduates who did a senior thesis with Dr. Gandolfo:

Colton Poore in Argentina

Colton Poore

Colton became a member of the lab in the lab in 2017. He started working with Nathan Jud (currently an Assistant Professor at William Jewel College) and Alejandra on the description of Icacinaceae endocarps from the Salamanca Fm. at the Las Violetas locality. He presented his research at the BSA 2018 meeting. Colton completed his honor thesis titled “ An Icacinaceae endocarp from the Early Paleocene of Patagonia, Argentine”. Colton is now a graduate student at Iowa State University.

Concentrations in CALS

You can fulfill the classes for the concentrations or just try something new.

Biodiversity and Systematics
Plant Biology

Both Jessi and Colton participated in the last field season to Patagonia, where they collected at the Pinturas and Salamanca formations.

Jessica Dobler in Argentina
Jessica Dobler

Jessica “Jessi” Dobler is an EMT specialized in Wilderness EMT and since leaving Cornell with her Bachelor degree, she is applying to medical schools. Jessi was drawn to the lab because she is interested how plants are essential for human health. Dr. Nixon (curator of the LH Bailey Hortorium), Jessi, and Alejandra decided on a project focusing on the description of epidermal characters of a group of oaks (Quercus), needless to say she became an SEM expert after photographing more than 200 samples. Her Honor Thesis “Classification of trichome types in the Glaucoideae group (Fagaceae)” is being revised for publication.

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