Common and Scientific Names of Other Trees Mentioned

Common Name

                      Scientific Name

    1a. White-cedar Chamaecyparis thyoides (Linnaeus) BSP. (see 1. Arborvitae)
    2a. Red ash Fraxinus pennsylvanica Marshall (see 2. Black Ash)
    3a. Green ash Fraxinus pennsylvanica Marshall var. lanceolata (Burkhausen) Sargent (see 3. White Ash)
    13a. Sweet cherry or
            Bird cherry
Prunus avium Linnaeus (see 13. Black Cherry)
    14a. Chokecherry Prunus virginiana Linnaeus (see 14. Pin Cherry)
    28a. European larch Larix decidua Miller (see 28. American Larch)
    Striped maple Acer pensylvanicum Linnaeus (see The Maples)
    Norway maple Acer platanoides Linnaeus (see The Maples)
    Box-elder Acer negundo Linnaeus (see The Maples)
    Mountain maple Acer spicatum Lambert (see The Maples)
    Black maple Acer nigrum F. Michaux (see The Maples)

    Bur oak

Quercus macrocarpa Michaux (see The Oaks)
    Pin oak Quercus palustris Muenchhausen (see The Oaks)
    Post oak Quercus stellata Wangenheim (see The Oaks)
    38a. Swamp white
Quercus bicolor Willdenow (see 38. White Oak)
    41a. Scotch pine Pinus sylvestris Linnaeus (see 41. Red Pine)
    45a. Black spruce Picea mariana (Miller) BSP. (see 45. Red Spruce)
    46a. Norway spruce Picea abies (Linnaeus) Karsten (see 46. White Spruce)
    50a. Shining willow Salix lucida Muhlenberg (see 50. Black Willow)

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