New Cayuga Flora

Updated from "The Flora of the Cayuga Lake Basin" by K. M. Wiegand and A. J. Eames


New Cayuga Flora is an update of K. M. Wiegand and A. J. Eames' 1926 publication of the Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station, The Flora of the Cayuga Lake Basin, which itself is a revision of W. R. Dudley's 1886 The Cayuga Flora, Bulletin of the Cornell University (Science) 2:1-132.

The Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station has given its permission to place its publication with our updates on the world wide web internet. Only the ferns and gymnosperms are currently available. Additional groups will be added as time permits.

In order to make the maximum amount of information available as soon as possible, only the nomenclature will be updated along with some reworking of the keys. The keys are intended for use in the central New York area. There has been no attempt at revision of descriptions and inclusion of taxa new to the flora since those introduced in R. T. Clausen's 1946 Checklist of the Plants of the Cayuga Quadrangle. Such revisions will not begin until all groups are nomenclaturally updated. This work is being carried out by the staff of the herbarium of the Bailey Hortorium: Kevin C. Nixon, Curator, Ed Cope, and Bob Dirig. Any suggestions or comments may be directed to them at, phone (607) 256-5341, or fax (607) 255-5344.

The complete introduction to Wiegand and Eames' 1926 publication is available here by clicking on W. & E. Please consult this for explanations of symbols and format. The symbol (D.) indicates that the locality listed was included in Dudley's original 1886 flora and (D.!) means that Wiegand or Eames saw or collected the plant from the same locality. The words common, frequent, infreqent, scarce, and rare were used to describe frequency of occurrence of each species, the latter indicating five or less verified stations.




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Last revision: 29 May 1997