Carmen Silva Macrofossil Taxon List

Compiled from Dusén (1907), Romero & Dibbern (1985), and Gandolfo (1994). Species will be added as research continues.


      Undescribed ferns


Subclass: Pinidae (the conifers)

Order: Araucariales

      Family: Podocarpaceae
      Saxegothopsis fuegianus Dusén

Undescribed gymnosperms

Subclass Magnoliidae (the angiosperms)

Clade: Eudicots

Superorder: Proteanae

Order: Proteales

      Family: Proteaceae
      "Proteaceae", undescribed leaf

Superorder: Magnolianae

Order: Laurales

      Family: Atherospermataceae
      Atherospermophyllum sp., leaf.

Superorder: Rosanae (the rosids)

Clade: Fabids/Eurosid I

Order: Fagales

      Family: Fagaceae
      Fagus dicksonii Dusén
      Fagus integrifolia Dusén
      Fagus subferruginea Dusén
      Fagus, young leaves

      Family: Nothofagaceae
      ?Nothofagus australis Dusén
      Nothofagus "densinervosa", leaf
      Nothofagus "dicksoni", leaf
      Nothofagus elongata Dusén
      Nothofagus integrifolia, leaf
      ?Nothofagus magellanica Engelhardt
      Nothofagus serrulata Dusén
      ?Nothofagus simplicidens Dusén
      Nothofagus variabilis Dusén
      "Nothofagus sp. 1-3", leaves

Order: Oxalidales

      Family: Cunoniaceae
      "Cunoniaceae", undescribed leaf

Other eudicots

      Escalloniiphyllum Dusén
      Hydrangeiphyllum affine Dusén

Dicots—affinities uncertain

      Undescribed leaves: morphotypes E 1-6 (entire margins)
      Undescribed leaves: morphotypes NE 1-27 (nonentire margins)

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