Below is the flora of the La Colonia Formation, as it is presently understood. The classification of the angiosperms follows Chase and Reveal (2009. Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 161: 122-127); and of ferns, Christenhusz et al. (2011. Phytotaxa 19: 7-54). Sources: A. Archangelsky et al. (1999), Gandolfo & Cúneo (2003-abstract, 2005, 2009-abstract), Hermsen et al. (2012-abstract), Gallego et al. (2012-abstract), and Cúneo et al. (in press).


Subclass: Polypodiidae

Order: Cyatheales

      Family: Dicksoniaceae
      Dicksoniaceae sp., Cañadón del Irupé, fertile leaves (undescribed)

Order: Hymenophyllales

      Family: Hymenophyllaceae
      Hymenophyllaceae sp., leaves (undescribed)

Order: Salviniales (aquatic ferns)

      Family: Marsileaceae
      Marsileaceae sp., Cañadón del Irupé, leaves (undescribed)
      Marsileaceae sp., Cañadón del Irupé, sporocarps (undescribed)
      Crybelosporites cf. pannuceus (Brenner) Srivastava, Cerro Bosta, microspores
      Molaspora lobata (Dijkstra) Hall, Cerro Bosta & Cañadón del Irupé, megaspores
      Regnellidium sp., Cerro Bosta & Quebrada del Helecho, rhizomes, roots, leaves (undescribed)

      Family: Salviniaceae
      Paleoazolla patagonica A. Archangelsky et al., Cerro Buitre, megaspore complexes, microspore massulae.

Order: Salviniales

      Family: Salviniaceae
      Azolla sp. TY004, leaves (undescribed)


Subclass Magnoliidae (the angiosperms)

Superorder: Lilianae (monocots)

Clade: Commelinids

Order: Arecaceae

      Family: Arecaceae
      Araceae sp., Cañadón del Irupé, leaves (undescribed)

Order: Poales

      Family: Typhaceae
      Typhaceae sp., leaves (undescribed)

Superorder: Nymphaeanae

Order: Nymphaeales

     Family: Nymphaeaceae (water lilies)
     Nympheaeceae sp., seeds (undescribed)

Clade: Eudicots

Superorder: Proteanae

Order: Proteales

      Family: Nelumbonaceae (lotuses)
      Nelumbo sp., Cañadón del Irupé, fruit-receptacles & fruits
      Nelumbo puertae Gandolfo & Cúneo, Cañadón del Irupé, leaves

Dicots—affinities uncertain

      Five morphotypes (undescribed)