Laguna del Hunco Macrofossil Taxon List

Note: The classification of the angiosperms follows Chase and Reveal (2009. Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 161: 122-127); of ferns, Christenhusz et al. (2011. Phytotaxa 19: 7-54); and of conifers, Christenhusz et al. (2011. Phytotaxa 19: 55-70). This list includes all named taxa. Genera recognized by Berry (1925, 1938), are classified according to where the extant taxa belong in the APG III system, although this should not be taken as an endorsement of the application of these names to the Laguna del Hunco fossils.

Sources of information: Berry (1925, 1938), Frenguelli and Parodi (1941), Traverso (1951, 1964), Romero and Hickey (1976), Gandolfo et al. (1988, 2011), Rodríguez de Sarmiento and Durango de Cabrera (1995), Wilf et al. (2005,2007-abstract, 2009), Zamaloa et al. (2006), Calvillo Canadell et al. (2007- abstract), Gandolfo et al. (2007- abstract), González et al. (2007), Labandeira et al. (2007- abstract), Iglesias et al. (2008- abstract), Wilf (2008), González (2009), Carvalho et al. (2010-abstract), Hermsen and Gandolfo (2011- abstract), Knight & Wilf (2011- abstract), Hermsen et al. (2012), Wilf (2012).


      Unknown moss, type TY137 (undescribed)


Subclass: Polypodiidae

Order: Cyatheales

      Family: Dicksoniaceae
      Dicksonia sp. TY154, fertile leaves (undescribed)

Order: Gleicheniales

      Family: Gleicheniaceae
      Sticherus sp., fertile leaves (undescribed)

Order: Hymenophyllales

      Family: Hymenophyllaceae
      Hymenophyllaceae sp., fertile leaf (undescribed)

Order: Osmundales

      Family: Osmundaceae
      Todea amissa Carvalho et al., leaves

Order: Polypodiales

      Family: Polypodiaceae
      cf. Adiantum sp. TY003, fertile leaves (undescribed)

Order: Salviniales

      Family: Salviniaceae
      Azolla sp. TY004, leaves (undescribed)

Ferns—affinities uncertain

      Type TY002, leaf (undescribed)
      Type TY162, leaves (undescribed)
      Type TY168, leaves (undescribed)


Subclass: Cycadidae (the cycads)

Order: Cycadales

     Family: Zamiaceae
     Austrozamia stockeyi Wilf Stevenson, et Cúneo., leaves

Subclass: Ginkgoidae

Order: Ginkgoales

     Family: Ginkgoaceae
     Ginkgo patagonica (Berry) Villar de Seoane et al., leaves

Subclass: Pinidae (the conifers)

Order: Araucariales

      Family: Araucariaceae
      Araucaria pichileufensis Berry, branch with leaves
      Agathis zamunerae Wilf, et al., branches, leaves, pollen cones, seed cones
      Araucaria sp. TY013, seeds, cone scales (undescribed)
      ?Araucariaceae, type TY182, pollen cone (undescribed)

      Family: Podocarpaceae
      Acmopyle sp. (undescribed)
      “Coroneliamolinae Florin, stem
      Dacrycarpus puertae Wilf, leaves, ovuliferous shoots, pollen cones, seed cones
      Podocarpus andiniformis Berry, branches
      “Podocarpusaraucoensis Florin, stems
      Retrophyllum spiralifolium Wilf et al., brances with leaves, pollen cones
      Podocarpaceae, type TY007, planated leaves (undescribed)
      Podocarpaceae, type TY008, leaves (undescribed)
      Podocarpaceae, type TY010 (“Zamiatertiaria Engelhardt), leaves
      Podocarpaceae, type TY121, small planated leaves (undescribed)
      Podocarpaceae, type TY176, leaves (undescribed)

Order: Cupressales

      Family: Cupressaceae
     “Fitzroyatertiaria Berry, stem
      Papuacedrus prechilensis (Berry) Wilf et al., branching axes, foliage, ovulate cone

Conifers—affinities uncertain

      ?Coniferales, type TY097, reproductive material (undescribed)

Subclass Magnoliidae (the angiosperms)

Superorder: Nymphaeanae

Order: Nymphaeales

      Family: Nymphaeaceae
      cf. Nymphaceae, type TY156, stem/rhizome (undescribed)
      cf. Nymphaceae, type TY189, stem/rhizome, fruit (undescribed)

Superorder: Magnolianae

Order: Laurales

      Family: Atherospermataceae
      Atherospermophyllum guiñazui (Berry), Knight, leaves

      Family: Lauraceae
      “Ampelodaphnegrandifolia Engelhardt, leaf
      “Goeppertiaovalifolia Engelhardt, leaves
      “Nectandra patagonica Berry, leaves
      “Nectandraprolific Berry, leaves
      “Notaphoebeneogaea Berry, leaf
      “Phoebeelliptica Engelhardt, leaves
      Lauraceae, type TY084, leaves (undescribed)
      ?Lauraceae, type TY190, leaves (undescribed)

      Family: Monimiaceae
      Monimiophyllum callidentatum Knight, leaves
      “Peumus clarki Berry, leaves
      cf. Wilkiea or Austromatthaea sp., leaf (undescribed)

Superorder: Lilianae (monocots)

Clade: Commelinids

Order: Arecaceae

      Family: Arecaceae
      cf. Arecaceae, type TY098, fruit/seed (no description)
      cf. Arecaceae, type TY165, fruit/seed (no description)
      ?Arecaceae, type TY179, leaf (no description)

Order: Liliales

      Family: Ripogonaceae
      Ripogonum americanum Carpenter et al., leaves

Order: Poales

      Family: Poaceae
      “Chusqueaoxyphylla Frenguelli & Parodi, stem with leaves

Monocots—affinities uncertain

      Poacites Berry, leaf
     Type TY130, leaves (undescribed)
     Type TY131, leaf (undescribed)

Clade: Eudicots

Superorder: Buxanae

Order: Buxales

      Family: Buxaceae
      “Stylocerastertiarium Berry, leaves

Superorder: Proteanae

Order: Proteales

      Family: Proteaceae
      ?Embothrium pregrandiflorum Berry, leaves
      Lomatia occidentalis (Berry) Frenguelli, leaves
      Lomatia patagonica Frenguelli, leaf
      Lomatia preferruginea Berry, leaves
      Orites bivascularis (Berry) Romero, Dibbern & Gandolfo, infructescences
      Roupala patagonica Durango de Cabrera & Romero, leaves
      Proteaceae gen. et sp. indet., leaves

Superorder: Ranunculanae

Order: Ranunculales

      Family: Menispermaceae
      Menispermaceae, type TY118, leaves (undescribed)
      Menispermiaceae undet., endocarp
      Menispermites calderensis Jud, Gandolfo, Iglesias et Wilf., leaves
      ?Menispermaceae, type TY193, leaf (undescribed)

Clade: Core Eudicots

Superorder: Myrothamnanae

Order: Gunnerales

      Family: Gunneraceae
      cf. Gunnera sp., leaves (undescribed)

Superorder: Rosanae (the rosids)

Order: Vitales

      Family: Vitaceae
      “Cissuspichileufensis Berry, leaves

Clade: Fabids/Eurosid I

Order: Celastrales

      Family: Celastraceae
      Celastrophyllum fraunhoferifolium Berry, leaves
      “Maytenusellipticus Berry, leaves
      “Maytenus latifolioides Berry, leaves

Order: Fabales

      Family: Fabaceae- Subfamily Caesalpinioideae
      cf. Caesalpina sp., fruit (undescribed)
      “Cassia argentinensis Berry, leaves
      “Cassialongifolia Berry, leaves
      Cercis sp., leaves (undescribed)
      Hymenaea sp., leaves (undescribed)
      Sclerolobium sp., leaves (undescribed)

      Family: Fabaceae- Subfamily Faboideae/Papilionoideae
      Hovea sp., leaves (undescribed)
      “Dalbergiapatagonica Berry, leaf
      Desmodium sp., leaves (undescribed)
      Rhynchosia sp., leaves (undescribed)
      Zollernia sp., leaves (undescribed)

      Family: Fabaceae- Subfamily Unknown
      Leguminosites patagonicus Berry, leaflets
      Fabaceae, type TY091, fruits/seeds (undescribed)
      Fabaceae, type TY175, leaves (undescribed)
      ?Fabaceae, type TY017, leaves (undescribed)

Order: Fagales

      Family: Casuarinaceae
      Gymnostoma sp., dispersed vegetative foliage
      Gymnostoma sp., staminate inflorescences
      Gymnostoma archangelskyi Zamaloa & Romero, branchlets & infructescences
      Gymnostoma argentinum Zamaloa & Gandolfo, branchlets & infructescences
      Gymnostoma patagonicum (Frenguelli) Zamaloa, branchlets & infructescences

      Family: Juglandaceae
      Alatonucula ignis Hermsen & Gandolfo, fruits

      Family: Myricaceae
      “Myrica mira Berry, leaves

Order: Malpighiales

      Family: Callophyllaceae
      cf. Calophyllum sp. TY034, leaves (undescribed)

      Family: Erythroxylaceae
      “Erythroxylon cuneifolioides Berry, leaves

      Family: Euphorbiaceae
      cf. Macaranga or Mallotus sp. TY046, leaves (undescribed)

      Family: Ochnaceae
      “Ourateafirmifolia (Engelhardt) Berry, leaves

      Family: Salicaceae
      “Banara prehernandiensis Berry TY035, leaves
      “Banara prehernandiensis Berry TY042, leaves

Order: Oxalidales

      Family: Cunoniaceae
      cf. Ceratopetalum sp. TY145, 5-winged fruits (undescribed)
      Eucryphia sp., leaf (undescribed)
      cf. Weinmannia sp. unnumbered type & TY184, 2 species of infructescences (undescribed)
      Unnamed infructescences, 2 species with capsules (undescribed)
      ?Cunoniaceae, TY094, 4-winged fruits from LH-6 (undescribed)

Order: Rosales

      Family: Rhamnaceae
      Rhamnidium (?) patagonicum Berry, leaves
      Rhamnidium preglabrum Berry, leaves

      Family: Uknown
      Morphotype 1, cf. Cannabaceae or Ulmaceae (“Celtis ameghenoi Berry), leaves

Clade: Malvids/Eurosid II

Order: Brassicales

      Family: Akaniaceae
      Akania americana Romero and Hickey, leaves
      Akania patagonica Gandolfo, Dibbern, & Romero, leaves

Order: Geraniales

      Family: Melastomataceae
      ?Melastomataceae, type TY138, leaves (undescribed)

Order: Malvales

      Family: Bixaceae
      Bixa sp. 1, leaves
      Bixa sp. 2, infructescence
      Cochlospermum sp., leaves
      Cochlospermum previtifolium Berry, leaves
      Bixaceae, type TY085, fruits (undescribed)

      Family: Malvaceae
      “Buettneriaasterotrichiformis Berry, leaves
      Malvacarpus tertiarius Berry, fruit
      “Sterculiaacuminataloba Berry, leaves
      “Sterculiaguinazui Berry, leaves
      “Sterculia patagonica Berry, leaves
      “Sterculiawashburnii Berry, leaf
      Malvaceae, type TY023 (cf. Brachychiton?), bi-trilobed leaves (informally described by Wilf, 2008)
      cf. Malvaceae, type TY194, leaf (undescribed)

Order: Myrtales

      Family: Myrtaceae- Subfamily Myrtoideae
      Carpolithus chubutensis, infructescences
      Eucalyptus frenguelliana Gandolfo & Zamaloa, leaves
      Eucalyptus lynchiae Gandolfo & Hermsen, flower buds
      Eucalyptus caldericola Hermsen et al., capsules and infructescences
      cf. Eucalyptus sp. A, flower
      cf. Eucalyptus sp. B, flower
      “Myrcia chubutensis Berry, leaves
      “Myrcia” reticulato venosa Engelhardt, leaves
      “Myrcia” deltoides forma ovata Engelhardt, leaf
      Myrcianthes sp. leaves

      Family: Myrtaceae- Subfamily Unknown
      Myrtaceae, type TY021, leaves (“Myrciachubutensis Berry or genus unknown)
      Myrtaceae, type TY041, leaves (undescribed)
      Myrtaceae, type TY157, leaves (undescribed)
      cf. Myrtaceae, type TY173, reproductive material (undescribed)
      ?Myrtaceae, type TY075, leaves (undescribed)

Order: Sapindales

      Family: Anacardiaceae
      “Schinopsis patagonica Berry, leaves
      “Schinusmolleformis Berry, leaf

      Family: Bursuraceae
      “Icica tertiaria Berry, leaflets

      Family: Meliaceae
      “Trichiliacatignoides Berry, leaf

      Family: Sapindaceae
      “Allophylus eduliformis (Berry) Berry, infructescences
      “Allophylus graciliformis (Berry) Berry, leaflets
      “Cupaniacordinii Berry, leaves
      “Cupania grosse-serrata (Engelhardt) Berry, leaflets
      “Cupania incerta Berry, leaflets
      “Cupania latifolioides Berry, leaflets
      “Cupaniapatagonica Berry, leaves
      “Cupaniavernaliformis Berry, leaf
      “Sapindus argentinus Berry, leaflets
      “Schmidelia proedulis Berry, leaf
      “Serjaniatertiaria Berry, leaves

      Family: Unknown
      Sapindales, type TY024, leaves with large teeth (undescribed)

Superorder: Caryophyllanae

Order: Caryophyllales

      Family: Polygonaceae
      “Coccoloba ruizianiforma Berry, leaves

Superorder: Asteranae (the asterids)

Order: Ericales

      Family: Sapotaceae
      “Bumelia australis Berry, leaf

      Family: Styracaceae
      “Styrax acuminatiformis Berry, leaves

Clade: Lamiids/Euasterid I

Order: Gentianales

      Family: Loganiaceae
      “Strychnos mirhojana Berry, leaves

      Family: Rubiaceae
      “Cephalanthusglabratifolius Berry, leaves
      “Coprosma incerta Berry
      “Faramea miocenica Berry, leaves
      “Hoffmanniaboliviana Berry, leaves
      Remijia tenuiflorifolia Berry, leaf with cuticle
      “Rondeletialongiflorifolia, leaves

Order: Solanales

      Family: Solanaceae
      Physalis infinemundi Wilf et al., fruits

Order: Lamiales

      Family: Bignoniaceae
      “Adenocalymmatertiaria Berry, leaf
      “Arrabidaea patagonica Berry, leaflets
      “Bignoniapichileufuana Berry, leaf
      “Bignonites ovatus Berry, leaflets

Clade: Campanulids/Euasterid II

Order: Apiales

      Family: Araliaceae
      “Oreopanaxguiñazui Berry, leaves

Order: Escalloniales

      Family: Escalloniaceae
      ?Escallonia sp. TY043, leaves (undescribed)

Dicots—affinities uncertain

      “Allophyluseduliformis (Berry) Berry, infructescences
      “Allophylusgraciliformis (Berry) Berry, leaflets
      “Arrabidaeapatagonica Berry, leaflets)
      “Banaraprehernandiensis Berry TY035, leaves
      “Banaraprehernandiensis Berry TY042, leaves
      “Bignonitesovatus Berry, leaflets
      Carpolithus mirhojanus Berry, fruit or seed
      Carpolithus patagonicus Berry, fruit or seed
      “Cassiaargentinensis Berry, leaves
      “Cassialongifolia Berry, leaves
      “Celtisameghenoi Berry, leaves
      “Cupaniacordinii Berry, leaves
      “Cupaniagrosse-serrata (Engelhardt) Berry, leaflets
      “Cupaniaincerta Berry, leaflets
      “Cupanialatifolioides Berry, leaflets
      “Dalbergiapatagonica Berry, leaf
      “Erythroxyloncuneifolioides Berry, leaves
      “Farameamiocenica Berry, leaves
      “Icicatertiaria Berry, leaflets
      “Leguminositespatagonicus Berry, leaflets
      “Maytenuslatifolioides Berry, leaves
      Malvacarpus tertiarius Berry, fruit
      “Myricamira Berry, leaves
      “Nectandrapatagonica Berry, leaves
      “Ourateafirmifolia (Engelhardt) Berry, leaves
      “Peumusclarki Berry, leaves
      Phyllites clarki Berry, leaf or leaflet
      Phyllites sloaneaformis Berry, leaves
      Phyllites sp., leaves/ leaflets
      Rhamnidium(?) patagonicum Berry, leaves
      Rhamnidium preglabrum Berry, leaves
      “Sapindusargentinus Berry, leaflets
      “Sapindusgraciliformis Berry
      “Schinopsispatagonica Berry, leaves
      “Schinusmolleformis Berry, leaf
      “Schmideliaproedulis Berry, leaf
      “Sterculiapatagonica Berry, leaves
      “Strychnosmirhojana Berry, leaves
      “Styraxacuminatiformis Berry, leaves
      “Trichiliacatignoides Berry, leaf
      Types TY022, TY027, TY028, TY030, TY032, TY036-TY040, TY045, TY047, TY048, TY050, TY053-TY060, TY062-TY070,
           TY073, TY074, TY076-TY083, TY102-TY104, TY106, TY108-TY114, TY122-TY126, TY1320-TY136, TY140-TY142, TY144,
           TY147, TY148, TY150-TY153, TY155, TY158-TY161, TY163, TY164, TY166, TY167, TY170, TY171, TY177, TY178, TY180,
           TY181, TY183, TY185-TY188, TY191, TY192, TY195-TY202, leaves(undescribed)
      Types TY049, TY087, TY093, TY095, TY100, TY115, TY143, TY145, TY146, TY169, TY172, TY174, reproductive material

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